Art Palma Contemporani

Unifying Culture and Creativity in Palma's Art Scene

Art Palma Contemporani is the association of contemporary art galleries of Palma, dedicated to promoting culture in the city and introducing new artists to the general and specialized public.

The client faced a branding challenge as their target audience struggled to connect the events with Art Palma Contemporani. Their primary objective was to unify their three main events under one cohesive brand umbrella, preserving each event’s distinct character while seamlessly integrating them into a consistent visual system for unified branding.

Our initial approach involved proposing the use of the acronym “APC” instead of “Art Palma Contemporani” to create a flexible and diverse visual system that could serve as a container for their various events. We aimed to establish an identity that was neutral enough to provide a cohesive framework for different events, each of which had its own unique aesthetic.


Brand Identity, Campaign, Culture, Digital


Tania Baides Atelier

Art Palma Contemporani


Grimalt de Blanch

Motion Graphics

Joan Adrover

Within the APC framework, we present three annual events:

Art Palma Summer, Art Palma Brunch and Nit de l'Art

All of which have been conceptualized and designed by our team. Each event revolves around a unique concept, with typography and color playing pivotal roles as the core design elements.