Casino de Ibiza

An identity designed to stand out by being discreet

The Casino de Ibiza, part of Ibiza’s iconic Grand Hotel, is a nocturnal playground, blending luxury, art, and spontaneity. Its new interior design, at the hand of Patricia Urquiola, and its innovative cuisine, fruit of a creative alliance between Ferrán and Albert Adriá and the Cirque du Soleil, make it a unique and exclusive space. This deceptively simple and iconic identity – based on the letter c and made with the i from Ibiza which represents nightlife’s shine and glamour – subtly complements the Casino’s plush and luxurious ambience without banalizing it in a sector given to excess.


Art Direction, Brand Identity

Interior design

Patricia Urquiola


J. Taltavull


Rory Lambert


Design by Atlas

Jenny Nerman

Creative Manager at Ibiza Grand Hotel

With the new visual identity project we wanted to elevate our brand and move us to the next chapter. Rebranding an iconic brand such as Casino de Ibiza wasn’t an easy task and we wanted a team that had an eye for detail just like us and that would capture the history of Casino de Ibiza but putting a fresh and vibrant spin on it.