Expressing a uniquely Italian characteristic in a contemporary way

The challenge here was to create an identity system with an unquestionable Italian feel, while also coming across as 100% contemporary. The name, Giromatto, loosely translated as crazy spinning, gave us the starting point. Combining two significant elements – the ubiquitous, expressive and highly dynamic Italian language of hand movements plus the twisty nature of pasta in general. By taking the first letter of their name, we created this highly adaptable symbol. It expresses everything we needed for the identity. The volatile Italian character, the infinite shapes of pasta plus a versatile icon that could appear everywhere, and also allowed us to express movement on print work using hand movements and arrows.


Brand Identity, Environmental


Grimalt de Blanch

Motion Graphics

Joan Adrover

Bruno Munari

The aim of the photography was to represent movement in the physical space using the non-verbal language so common amongst Italians. We were inspired by Bruno Munaris’ book “Dizonario Alternativo Italiano” and added the arrows of the identity system to represent the movement of each gesture.