Hauser & Wirth

Design as a way to show respect and honour the surroundings

The very name Cantina acts as our guide 
for creating the identity. Simple, honest, unpretentious and down to earth, integrated into the landscape and the community.
Inspired by the old printer’s shop beside the Cantina and researching into vernacular typefaces of Menorca we found a wealth 
of information, from old signs, to posters, shopfronts and markets. What interested 
us was finding interesting and distinctive letterforms.

We didn’t want to merely replicate and digitalize a font directly from one of the references we found but instead look for an existing letterpress type that had the feeling and the flair of these vernacular typefaces linked to the history of Mahón.

We worked with Pol Montserrat to create a series of illustrations based on the daily fresh produce they offer, to live alongside and complement the typeface. 


Brand Identity, Illustration, Signage, Typography


Luis Laplace

Type design

Damià Rotger


Pol Montserrat


Daniel Schäfer


Dani Rubio