Miro Mallorca Foundation

4 guides to his work designed to explain it in the artist’s own words

Designing for an art institution is always a challenge as you have to live up to the quality of the work found there. This booklet collection – aimed at portraying the values of the Miró Mallorca Foundation both visually and tactilely – makes use of a happy coincidence with the four books reflecting the four letters in Miro’s name. Three are on the Foundation’s different spaces plus one gives a view of the foundation as a whole. The design focuses on allowing visitors to understand Miro’s work through his own words – referencing Miro’s constant communication with other artists – which meant the process of curation behind each book, working as a team with the Foundation, was immensely satisfying. The final result goes beyond your average gallery guide and turns it into an object of desire to be leafed through over and over again at leisure.



Editing and selection of texts

Patricia Juncosa


Laus Bronze 2020 | Corporate Advertising, Catalog, Memory, House-Organ

Form follows content

Patricia Juncosa did a titanic job to be able to create a guide that would explain the foundation and its three iconic building in Joan Miro’s own words. To represent this, each of the books opens and closes the first coloured pages with inverted commas, marking the moment Miro starts speaking. The idea is that the artist himself accompanies you during the visit around the foundation