More than an identity, an attitude to define a fresh new dining option.

Nature on your plate was a great starting point for this new restaurant concept for a major hotel chain, Meliá Resorts. While it’s easy to fall into cliches when talking about healthy eating, and respect for good ingredients, in this case, our proposed naming gave us a solid natural starting point upon which to build. From there a witty, visual twist was given to the O in MOSS – or to the space created where the O should go – making it our plate which could be filled with anything, from food to messages to local ingredients while all the time creating and reinforcing a cheerful brand identity.


Brand Identity


Olga Planas


Rory Lambert


Laus Bronze 2019 | Corporate Identity Medium and Large Company

Art Direction

Typography and photography are closely connected in this project. We worked with photographer Olga Planas for the lifestyle, spatial and product photography to give the feeling of fresh produce and natural surroundings. It became a significant part the identity system and is even integrated into the logo, where the O in Moss is replaced with different ingredients and products.