Partner Films

Putting collaboration at the centre is the first step to greatness

Partner Films is a creative production company that creates powerful imagery for the world’s most renowned fashion and luxury brands. They approach each project by establishing fruitful connections between top international creatives.

When we were commissioned with the task of rethinking their identity we wanted the idea of collaboration to be our bedrock. By adding a small typographic tweak to the word Partner, we were able to place a plus sign in the middle of their name. Out of that we developed a graphic language that reflected concepts such as cooperation, dialogue and partnership.The result was a graphic identity that gave Partner’s collaborators and clients virtually the same level of importance as the production company, clearly demonstrating Partner Films’ value proposition.


Brand Identity, Digital

Motion Graphics

Dani Ávila

Video Edition

Joan Campà

Identity sparks redesign

Based on the new identity, the website was completely redesigned. Through an austere and clever use of typography and mouseover information, the number of elements was minimized without interfering with the content.