SCT 25

A tactile journey through SCT Architecture's world

An immersive approach to the architectural world of SCT Architecture through “SCT 25,” where our design seamlessly reflects their affinity for natural and raw materials, particularly concrete.

The cover offers a tactile experience, featuring embossed dots on thick cardboard that perfectly captures the essence of a concrete block. The tactile and substantial yet minimal cover invites you to connect with the core of SCT architectural ethos. Vertical writing takes center stage, creating a visual flow that harmonizes with SCT’S distinctive style. Our design also plays with typographic compositions and tension, adding a playful touch to craft interesting layouts that echo the spirit of their architecture.

Beyond design, our collaboration extended to working closely with the SCT team and writer Cristina Ros. Together, we’ve curated an approachable and engaging content that delves into the diverse projects while offering readers a unique perspective through an extensive interview with both partners. In this interview, Ángel Sánchez-Cantalejo and Vicente Tomás share their personal vision of architecture and insights into their creative process.

Vicente Tomás

CEO & Architect

This book is the result of our close collaboration with Studio Roses, where they have perfectly understood our vision and captured our work in a book that genuinely represents us.