Setenta y Nueve

Adding a new brand to a family firm dating back to 1879

Beginning with a naming that is a nod to both 1879, the year the Relojeria Alemana was founded, and 70s also being the decade the fourth generation of this family firm were all born, this project started from completely from scratch.
Once the name was defined, the process moved to the identity and included a wide-ranging, exhaustive and craft-focused packaging concept, designed more to showcase the jewelry rather than merely contain it. To create the final proposal, we worked hand in hand with the family to define all the different formats and create unique pieces such as the stone pedestals used for displaying the jewelry in-store.


Brand Identity, Packaging

Product Design

Maria Rosselló

Sculptural exhibitors

Working with interior designer Maria Rosello, we created the pedestals for 79 made from copper sheets and white stone blocks to give a sculptural and clean feeling to reflect the nature of the jewellery. These were used to showcase the brand in stores but also when shooting for different media.