Teatre Principal

Design that breathes new life into an outdated theatre

Historic and long-standing theatres tend to feel comfortable transmitting a traditional image. And, in the case of Palma’s Teatre Principal, if you combine this tendency with a period of decadence – both visually and in terms of content – this becomes the fastest way to blend into the town’s wallpaper. So, in line with the new director’s strategic vision to modernise the institution, the focus was clearly on redoing their identity with a contemporary but flexible typographic system that constantly evolves to stay fresh in people’s minds season to season, while always staying faithful to its design coherence. Today, five years on, this highly recognizable and dynamic identity has played its part in turning the theatre into one which has nothing to envy of Spain’s best.


Art Direction, Brand Identity, Campaign

Motion Graphics

Joan Adrover

Carlos Forteza Garau

Teatre Principal Director (2016-2019)

The visual identity for Teatre Principal decisively affected all areas – publications, web, social media, posters, audiovisual campaigns, etc., turning the new brand into an essential coherent communication tool, both of our theatre’s values and content as well as the products and services arising out of our cultural offer. As part of its application in all ambits and own media, we also had the large format posters on the building’s façade – highly attractive, simple and elegant – that gave us a new aesthetic and experiential relationship between us and the general public.