Teatre Principal. Opera campaign

Expressing the power of opera through detail

This powerful and simple campaign focuses directly on the gestures of both hands and feet as used in both opera and dance. Reducing all unnecessary information and focusing purely on the essence of specific works, a contemporary feel to the genre is created, avoiding cliches and traditional opera imagery. Each dramatic gesture highlights a key moment in each of the works put on by the theatre and gives viewers a close-up of details not normally appreciated when seen from your seat, splendidly captured by the renowned photographer Pep Bonet.


Art Direction, Campaign


Pep Bonet


Joan Roig


Laus Gold 2019 | Art Direction in Print - Photography

Pep Bonet


This campaign took me out of my comfort zone, and was the opposite of what I’m good at. I have always believed that to improve and grow you have to be open to new challenges set by other creatives. I really liked the idea, because in the end, the magic of this photos are in the details and in capturing the moment.