Teatro de la Maestranza

Revisiting traditional symbols and icons with a contemporary lens

The Maestranza Theatre in Seville is one of Spain’s most iconic and respected theatres in one of Spain’s most lively and vibrant cities. Using a graphic simplification of the shape of the theatre door, a highly recognizable and energetic geometric symbol is generated, using the initials of the theatre’s name, thus reflecting the forcefulness of the theatre and the city. This dynamic and evolving graphic system is easily translated to multiple supports as well as both complementing and showcasing the varied imagery used by the theatre in all its different works and formats. It also represented a dramatic shift in communication style aimed at attracting a younger audience new to the scenic arts, while not alienating the theatre’s faithful public.


Art Direction, Brand Identity, Digital, Editorial

Motion Graphics

Dani Avila


Laus Bronze 2022 | Medium and Large Company Corporate Identity