This is Palma

A breath of fresh air to break down the cliches associated to Mallorca’s capital

The first time many people saw the This is Palma campaign when they landed at and walked through Mallorca’s airport. It was the perfect spot for this comprehensive, visual assault on people’s misconceptions and preconceived ideas on Palma. Its new look at the town with its simple message and insightful photography instantly blew away Palma’s cliched tourist town image, replacing it with a more contemporary but no less evocative vision. And, after leaving the airport and as you entered the city, no matter if you were a tourist or local coming home, you suddenly connected with a new Palma, ready to be discovered once again.


Art Direction, Campaign


J. Taltavull


Laus Bronze 2020 | Outdoor Advertising

Pedro Homar

Director Gerente Palma 365

It’s a brand campaign that with which we consider that Palma is ready to start moving in the tourism Champions League, and one that shows you a city that’s always been here but that you just hadn’t been aware of it.